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What if the decision of a brilliant young native woman might have saved Hawaii from the Japanese attack?  Learn of several incidents that illuminate 20th century Hawaiian history in this collection of short stories.
"The gods visit the sins of the fathers on their children."  Euripides was right when he said it and he's still right.  New Orleans cop, Land Parrish, learns that lesson anew as he chases a murderer through Chicago, Ann Arbor, Istanbul and Ismere, Turkey.
    He also learns why the most beautiful women in the world come from Ismere.  The hard way.

Who killed JFK? Why are all these tired old agents of the CIA, the KGB and Castro's DGI so afraid of what's hidden in the yacht GULL, that makes murder, piracy and kidnapping the order of the day?
An awareness of the Middle East has been thrust upon us.
This collection of stories--all set in Cyprus and Turkey--introduce that part of the world to us, as it becomes ever more important to know it better.  The Little American Blonde shows us why.

Hurricanes rise every year.   So do the prices of Boat Insurance.  Learn how to prepare your boat for the inevitable storm.  Preparedness is more insurance than you can afford to buy.
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This coming-of-age novel is the first in a series
that will chronicle
Lehua’s life as
she awakens to womanhood
and as a leader of her people.

We've come to expect that a pro knows what he/she is doing.  How come so many don't quite make it?  It's not always so humorous as it is in the first story in this collection.
You probably know some of these people!

One of the stories in this collection won the Editor's Choice Award in a competition hosted
by AuthorStand.
Here is a review of it.


This material is deeply moving, descriptive and passionate. I loved both parts. This short but very dramatically described piece allows readers a quick but poignant glance into the life we as Canadians can only begin to imagine.

As difficult and sorrowful as it is (to)imagine a young woman's death being somehow justified by the society values in which she is forced to exist, never being "allowed" to reach her potential, I greatly value having been exposed to the character's life experience. Thanks for writing this.

Alex Sher  (Authors Stand)
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