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Mystery Novelist
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Gene J. Parola
Award Winning Novelist
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Who killed JFK? Why are all these tired old agents of the CIA, the KGB and Castro's DGI so afraid of what's hidden in the yacht GULL, that makes murder, piracy and kidnapping the order of the day?
"The gods visit the sins of the fathers on their children."  Euripides was right when he said it and he's still right.  New Orleans cop, Land Parrish, learns that lesson anew as he chases a murderer through Chicago, Ann Arbor, Istanbul and Ismere, Turkey.
    He also learns why the most beautiful women in the world come from Ismere.  The hard way.

What if the decision of a brilliant young native woman might have saved Hawaii from the Japanese attack?  Learn of several incidents that illuminate 20th century Hawaiian history in this collection of short stories.
Hurricanes rise every year.   So do the prices of Boat Insurance.  Learn how to prepare your boat for the inevitable storm.  Preparedness is more insurance than you can afford to buy.
An awareness of the Middle East has been thrust upon us.
This collection of stories--all set in Cyprus and Turkey--introduce that part of the world to us, as it becomes ever more important to know it better.  The Little American Blonde shows us why.

Mr. Parola is a retired Professor of cultural history at Indiana University

and University of Michigan-Flint; the Ministry of Defense,  Kingdom of

Saudi Arabia and Koç University in Istanbul Turkey.

As a former Naval Air Intelligence officer and a career researcher, Mr. Parola

has trained himself to be a keen observer of his surroundings and has acquired

a large cultural and social context into which those observations fit.

As a small business man and a communications consultant to corporations,

he also has insight in to what makes modern American businesses tick.


He is the author of "The Devil to Pay" and "Old Sins, New Sinners." 

He also has three collections of short stories to browse on other pages here. 

One book has all the tales set in the Middle East, one other spanning the l last

century in Hawai'i and the third with mixed places and times.

He is a free lance writer of Business (See Honolulu Star Bulletin, July

28, 2002) and Technical articles (Hurricane Handbook, Sail Net News,

Spring, 2003)
.  His short stories have been published in Voices from

the Universe and in Bamboo Ridge 25th Anniversary Edition, and in

the Spring 2006 edition.  He has won the Editors Choice Award for his

short-short story, "Portraits of a Young Artist in Istanbul" at Author Stand.

Mr. Parola speaks frequently to lodges, clubs and service

organizations on a variety of topics and can be reached at:

                                                   "THE DEVIL TO PAY"

"This is a damn good book!" Roy Osborne, Loughborough, U. K.

"An absorbing tale of hidden motivations that keeps the reader guessing until the end, The Devil To Pay is enthusiastically recommended for those mystery buffs who appreciate a well crafted tale of intrigue and suspense."

                - Midwest Book Review

Billed as a “sailing adventure mystery,”   this novel delivers on all counts.  The diehard sailor will love the nautical language and technical details supplied throughout the text.  Lovers of action-adventure mysteries will find The Devil to Pay a satisfying read.  Characters are well-developed and readers care about the good guys winning over the bad guys.

I was immediately captivated by the rich language used in setting descriptions in the book., THE DEVIL TO PAY, such as the engine noise shown on page 2.  Dialogue is natural and adds an extra dimension to the story.  The pacing is quick, making this book a page turner.  The scene on page 45 is an excellent example of using varied sentence structure to affect pace.  Mr. Parola uses an interesting device of placing narrative, quotes, and subtitles at the beginning of each chapter, offering the reader a glimpse ahead and providing a deeper understanding of the story.   Mr. Parola is extremely skilled with dialog…

     - Writers Digest
This coming-of-age novel is the first in a series
that will chronicle
Lehua’s life as
she awakens to womanhood
and as a leader of her people.
Successive books will trace her
voyage during the tumult of 19th
century Hawaii.
E Komo Mai

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Aloha.  Welcome to Hawaiian culture and literature.  You don’t have to plan a Hawaiian wedding, just snorkel over and take a look at Kauai and Molokai in "Lehua".  Maui and Oahu are only mentioned in this luau of a story of hula and kahuna, but there is much aloha in it.
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